About Us

SHADE is a cosmetic company that was established in March 2019, founded locally in Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, Shade’s main product is the SHADE Temporary Hair Colour Cream. This product offers temporary hair colouring without any harsh effects or chemicals.

No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Ammonia, No Formaldehyde This product is designed to help men and women experiment with colour while
keeping their hair healthy.

To use this product all you need to do is: (1) make sure your hair is free from any greases or oils, (2) just rub in the product while hair is slightly damp, and (3) let it dry. After the product dries, there would be no direct colour transfer except for a slight shimmer due to the product’s glossy effect. You can colour your hair for a day or a week depending on your preference and simply wash out to remove. Product is best used in Curly, Kinky, Wavy and Short Straight Hair