Temporary Hair Colour FAQs


How to use our Shade Temporary Hair Colour Wax?

You can use our product in 3 simple steps:
(1) Make sure your hair is slightly damp for best results
(2) Depending on the length of your hair, you should separate your hair into 4 sections. 
(3) Rub the Shade Colour into your palms and apply to your hair gradually until you receive your desired results.
(4) When you are ready to Remove the Colour from your hair, you can simply wash your hair with shampoo to remove. Since our product is a washable hair wax.


How long does Shade Temporary Hair Colour Wax last in your hair?

The product can be removed whenever you desire, by simply washing your hair with shampoo.
Without washing your hair, the product would last a maximum of 2 weeks but would slightly fade little by little every day.


Is Shade Temporary Hair Colour safe for bleached hair?

We don’t recommend using Shade Colour on Bleached hair since it may leave a slight permanent tint of colour after removing.


Does Shade Temporary Hair Colour transfer?

Once our product dries, there would be no transfer of colour but you may get a slight shimmer due to the product’s glossy effect. If our product gets on your hand or clothes it would wash off very easily.


Does Shade Temporary Hair Colour run while sweating or rain?

It depends on the amount of sweat. A normal amount is OK but heavy sweating will cause the product to run. A light drizzle of rain would be OK but heavy rain would cause the product to run because it washes out very easily with water.


Can I flat-iron my hair with Shade Temporary Hair Colour?

We don’t recommend flat-ironing your hair while our product is applied.


Does this work on all hair types?

The product works best on curly, kinky, wavy, coily, locs and short straight hair. Hair Types: 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b and 4c hair.
Long straight hair may clump together due to the gel-like effect of the product.


Can I go in the Beach water Shade Temporary Hair Colour safe for bleached hair?

You can but once your hair gets wet the product will run.